Launch of training sessions

We are pleased to report that the Agricultural Voices Syria training sessions have begun.

So far, Martin Spinelli has delivered an introductory session on podcasting, outlining the history of the medium and clarifying what separates it from other broadcasting forms.

Amy Zamarippa Solis has delivered a session on podcast marketing, explaining the techniques that podcast creators use to promote their podcast on social media and attract listeners to their podcast.

Finally, Nikoline Gjoertz has started the training sessions on the equipment the academics are using to record their podcasts, explaining the technical requirements needed to maintain a good output.

These training sessions are part of the second phase of the project, you can read more about the other phases here. There are still a few training sessions to be delivered before the creation of the podcast series can begin.

Alongside this, you may have noticed a couple of changes to our website. For example, we now have a new banner and logo for the Agricultural Voices Syria project, which has been added to our website as well as our social media pages.