Workshops: Current challenges to food security and ways of agricultural knowledge enhancement

As part of our work under the SSRP Impact Project, the University of Sussex in partnership with Cara and Syrian Academic Expertise organised three workshops during September to November 2021.

The first workshop took place on the 25th of September in Idleb, and the second on the 27th of September in Azaz. The third was held online. There were around 25 attendees to each workshop, with representatives from NGOs, local councils, the private sector and agricultural experts all in attendance.

Workshop Agenda

Discussion ThemesTime
Concepts of food security and food sovereignty (Dr. Shaher Abdullateef)

Current challenges to food security (discussion within groups)
Main challenges of plant and livestock production
Challenges of improving water use efficiency
Climate change, adaptation, and mitigation interventions

Priorities for food security enhancement (discussion within groups)
Projects that help to shift towards increased production and job creation
Sustainable development and early recovery interventions

Feedback from each group
Coffee Break12:30-13:00
Ways to strengthen agricultural extension (discussion within groups)
Available skills and expertise, and knowledge gaps
Means of producing and disseminating agricultural knowledge

Introducing AVS and ways of development (discussion within groups)
Using AVS to disseminate agricultural knowledge and agricultural activities of the partners (NGOs)
Cooperation and development plan


Flyer with information about how to access the podcasts, distributed to agricultural businesses in Northwest Syria.

The third workshop took place online on 12th November 2021, 12:00-14:00 (UK time)/ 15:00-17:00 (Turkish time) and addressed the following topics:

  1. Key findings from two preceding workshops in Northwest Syria which involved agricultural experts, NGOs, and institutional actors.  
  2. Participant perspective on current challenges facing food security, agricultural extension services and knowledge sharing. 
  3. Development of the Agricultural Voices Syria (AVS) podcast series as a tool for knowledge exchange in agricultural extension: opportunities for future collaborations. 

The workshop was attended by 25 participants: representatives of major NGOs operating in Northwest Syria and members of the Food Security and Livelihoods (FCL) cluster. 

Click here to access the report from the third workshop in Northwest Syria (English version)

Click here to access the report from the third workshop in Northwest Syria (Arabic version)